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Support and Development Services for your IMS Solution


Support: Symphony provides a range of support options for your Cin7 software system. We can tailor a bespoke support solution based on your specific needs. The range of options include the following:


  1. A complete audit and review of your system to assist you in running the platform efficiently.

  2. A review of the accounting integration and issues arising when syncing to either QBO or XERO

  3. Investigation into e-commerce integration errors

  4. Specialist help on working with Bills of Materials to structure your Production jobs or Assemblies to reflect your workflows.


Development: We also specialize in assisting clients to further develop their Cin7 platform to take advantage of enhanced and new features as they become available or additional functionality needed as the business grows.


We have a specialist API Development team that can make connections to e-commerce sites, 3PL systems and write code or use middleware software to enhance the native integrations available with the platform.

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