The Heart and Soul Behind Symphony Development Group's Success

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At Symphony Development Group, success is driven by the passion and expertise of its exceptional team members. One standout employee, Lisa Kiesman, has been making waves as a Senior Account Manager and Auditor since 2019. Today, we shine the spotlight on Lisa to understand what makes her tick and how her dedication, unique perspective, and enthusiasm contribute to the success of Symphony Development Group and its clients.

Mastering the Numbers: Lisa's Journey at Symphony Development Group

As a Senior Account Manager and Auditor, Lisa's role involves providing top-notch bookkeeping and accounting support to clients across a wide range of company functions. Her unwavering commitment to client success and her ability to make a tangible difference has made her an invaluable member of the team.

Beyond the Office: Lisa's Hobbies and Interests

Lisa leads a well-balanced life, enjoying a variety of activities outside the office. Her interests include sailing, bucket-list travel, day hiking, and challenging herself to complete the Saturday New York Times crossword puzzle without the help of Google. These hobbies demonstrate Lisa's passion for adventure, exploration, and continuous learning.

Lisa's Thoughts on Working at Symphony Development Group

Lisa's love for working with numbers is evident in her thoughts on working at Symphony Development Group. She believes that getting the numbers right is crucial to success but also emphasizes that financial success goes beyond the balance sheet. Lisa appreciates our commitment to understanding the individuals and businesses behind the numbers and the holistic approach the company takes in working with clients.

Embracing Collaboration: The SDG Work Culture

One of the reasons Lisa is so passionate about her work at Symphony Development Group is the company's focus on teamwork and collaboration. We encourage employees to work with clients as team members, leveraging each person's unique strengths and specialties. This collaborative atmosphere allows Lisa and her colleagues to address a wide range of clients' needs and requirements, resulting in better outcomes for all parties involved.

Connection and Shared Success: Lisa's Recipe for Thriving at SDG

Lisa believes that forming strong connections with her team is essential for achieving success and enjoying shared accomplishments. The talented team at Symphony Development Group supports each other, fostering a sense of mutual responsibility that drives Lisa to give her best efforts toward the success of the company and its clients. This connection and sense of shared purpose fuel Lisa's passion for her work here.

Celebrating Lisa Kiesman, A Symphony of Success

Lisa Kiesman's dedication, passion, and unique insights contribute significantly to the success of both Symphony Development Group and its clients. As a shining example of the company's commitment to excellence and teamwork, Lisa demonstrates that the heart and soul behind Symphony Development Group's success lies in the power of its extraordinary team members.

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